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FOODFOORTI is an online food ordering marketplace. We have extensively researched the takeaway home delivery and have chosen the most popular cuisines. We bring the world’s best and popular meal from the restaurants to your door. You get to enjoy restaurants quality food in the comfort of your own home with your whole family. We provide you excellent delivery service with good quality. FOODFOORTI is an online takeaway and food delivery service. You can order your food from your favorite restaurants just in a minute. Our intention is to achieve your 100% satisfaction.

“Find Your Best Food Here”

Purpose :

To be a leader in the online food service in Cumilla, Bangladesh by providing superior services, relationship and profitability.

Vision :

To transpire into the most quality online food serviceable brand in Bangladesh generating high valued customer satisfaction by the providing best quality online food service end to end and ensuring value, trust, excellence, desire in addition to those we associate & we believe.

Mission :

·  We will deliver what eager to our customer of choice & test.

·  We will ensure to maximize service quality end to end.

·  We will mitigate customer innovative demand.

·  We will be super Brand in Bangladesh in an online food service company.

·  We will maintain progressive team building with professionalism by training to achieve service excellence.

·  We will ensure progressively improved productively as well as profitability.


·  We say "YES" all our customer needs

·  We achieve innovation with the team building.

·  We take responsibility for what we do with customer satisfaction.

·  We believe in continuous improvement with customer desire.

·  We believe ensure the quality of service then money is a consequence

·  We ensure integrity, trust and sustainability above everything else.


·  Regional expansion in the different field of food sectors and develop a strong base of key customers

·  Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services.

·  To build a good reputation in the field of online food service and become a key player in the industry.

FOODFOORTI Activities:

FOODFOORTI is the leading food delivery service company which takes food order online from customers with most of the local restaurants serving nearly maximum people in Cumilla city areas each day. But that is just one part of the whole story. Learn more about our Services and get a taste of your favorite food by FOODFOORTI.


FOODFOORTI is the leading online and mobile food ordering company dedicated to connecting hungry diners with local takeout restaurants. The company’s online and mobile ordering platforms allow diners to order directly from most of the local restaurants in Cumilla. Every order is supported by the company’s best customer service teams.

What we do:

FOODFOORTI is your complete food delivery solution. It is committed to providing the highest quality food and superior service from the local restaurants to the customers in a clean and welcoming environment. That’s why we work with our partners, officials, and restaurants to serve a wide range of food choices and provide a quick delivery of food for customers to make life comfortable. At the restaurant level, we have most of the local restaurants with top quality food delivery system to customers.

Visits your favorite site:

www.foodfoorti.com, place their order from broad circles of restaurants and
we deliver the food to them efficiently by cash on delivery system & mobile payment system. We are dedicated to innovation and improving our operations in order to build an even more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and profitable business. And we will continue to update our menu, modernize the customer experience, and broaden accessibility to our brands, so that consumers will always enjoy the maximum Foodfart experience. We promote businesses, restaurants to our website. We advertise the latest news and promotional offers of restaurants to the site so that customer can easily choose their favorite meals. We offer all the necessary tools to promote the restaurants e.g. t-shirt, logo, banner, cap, cards to enhance the business of the restaurants.

In short, we provide food delivery and catering service to-

- Individual Customers.

- Corporate Clients.

- Foreign Embassies & Cultural Centers.

- Private and Public Clubs, Banks, Telecommunication Companies.

- Public Bodies.

- And many more

Delivery process:

FOODFOORTI is a food delivery company which takes orders online. We deliver food from the renowned restaurant of specific areas to customer and corporate office using our excellent riders. We have Bike, Cycle and Covered Van for food delivery. We will take food from restaurants and deliver to customers by cash on delivery system & mobile payment system. FOODFOORTI will create customer and promote the restaurant’s menu online, engage drivers and hire dispatchers as necessary to deliver restaurant’s food.

Our Special service includes all kind of catering services:

-Corporate official function and Meeting

-Different Ceremony

-Party and Conference

-Different festival celebration programs

-Different occasion celebration programs like-birthday, anniversary, Farewell etc.

More Information

  • Email: support@foodfoorti.com
  • Web: www. foodfoorti.com
  • Hotline: 09614 500 925
  •               01716 861 068

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We’re committed to providing the best online ordering service available. To that end, we’d very much appreciate any sort of feedback. Don’t hesitate to contact us:

Nazrul Avenue Road (Opposite to City Bank), Kandirpar, Cumilla.
Office Time: Sat-Fri 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Phone: +88 09614 500 925, 01716 861 068


Want your restaurant to be a part of the FOODFOORTI community? We'd love to work with you! Contact us:

Phone: +88 09614 500 925, 01716 861 068
E-mail: restaurant@foodfoorti.com


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